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The Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK) is an evangelical church registered in Kenya. It operates in 34 regions in Kenya and has 258 local churches and over 1,200 branches, with a combined membership of over 250,000. FPFK was established independently by the Norwegian and Swedish missionaries in the 1950s and 1960s respectively. 

The Year 2024

Happy Blossom Year

FPFK 2024 Theme

THEME: “The Year of God’s Revival
and Blossom in Ministry”

Social Ministry

The Social Ministry department is responsible for strategic objective number two of FPFK which focuses on developing innovative and responsive development programs aimed at alleviating poverty and all other forms of human suffering in Kenya. This is achieved through various strategies which include: working together with our local churches and other departments in the organization; partnering and networking with like-minded organizations; collaboration with national and county governments; involvement of beneficiaries in design, planning and implementation of projects. We are guided by the love of Jesus Christ and the fundamental values of love, justice, inclusivity, accountability and transparency. We believe in the innate worth of our beneficiaries, their ability to redefine their own destiny and work towards their achievement.


FPFK Business Enterprise

The overall goal is to see improved performance in FPFK existing businesses ventures and in the new businesses developed. Specifically, the following are the outcomes in each of these national assets and institutions.
The National Institutions of FPFK include Thessalia Mission Guest house and Farm, Thessalia Dispensary, Thessalia Secondary School, Karen Christian College, Bukhungu Youth Polytechnic, Kindaruma Guest house, and Mombasa rental facilities and Keswick Bookshop.


FPFK Church is to strengthen evangelism and spiritual growth in gospel proclamation of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church leaders  facilitate worship and sacramental life for the believers for lasting impact.

The overall goal of FPFK evangelism and spiritual growth is to increase its membership from the current number.  To realize this goal, FPFK undertake education and capacity enhancement. 

FPFK Ministries


The universities are the United States International University-Africa(USIU-A) and the University of Nairobi(UON). The five-year Linda Mtoto project that starts next month March is funded by the Norwegian government through the
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A peace and resilience initiative that has taken a faith-based approach has been launched. The plan seeks to bring a lasting solution to the perennial ethnic clashes that has for
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The two-day FPFK National Men Ministry Conference finally came to an end on Wednesday at Karen Christian College, Nairobi. The conference, which was themed; “You have stayed long enough at this
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FPFK Missions Department
These are exciting days in the history of the church of Jesus Christ. People are coming to Christ in record numbers around the globe. Missiologist are amazed at the rapid advance of the gospel in places where the message of christ has never penetrated or is prolififerated where it was only scarcely know. Clearly the wind of the holy spirit is sweeping our globe in an unprecedented manner.


Our Contacts


Working hours

Monday- Friday:8:00 AM-17:00 PM
(Phone until 17:00 PM)

Contact Info

FPFK Headquarters; Kindaruma Road, Off Menelik Rd,
P.O. Box 47469 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Fax:+(020) 3874596
Email: hoffice@fpfk.or.ke, info@fpfk.or.ke, publicrelation@fpfk.or.ke