Climate Change, Health, Environmental Justice and Resilience


Climate Change, Health, Environmental Justice and Resilience

Understanding the threats that climate change poses to human health can help us work together to lower risks and be prepared. Climate change threatens human health, including mental health, access to clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food, and shelter. Everyone is affected by climate change at some point in their lives. Understanding the way that these factors are related to different impacts of climate change can help people and communities plan for risks, adapt to changes, and protect health.

FPFK has implemented projects that facilitate clean environment, safe water, and healthy communities. FPFK has undertaken community sensitization on issues of waste management and hygiene. FPFK is supportting the community with access to safe drinking water by drilling boreholes, training people on roof catchments and other water harvesting techniques i.e., constructing water reservoirs / dams.

The church involved in improving forest cover, water harvesting, efficient solid and liquid waste management and general environmental conservation.

Waste bin in Narok


Climate Change, Health, Environmental Justice and Resilience Projects

Ubunifu Youth Project

The project objective is to empower excluded out – of - school youths so that they have more choices and opportunities for participating & and benefiting from development progress in Turkana County.

Pokot-Turkana Community Resilience Project

The project’s long term goal is to see Turkana and Pokot communities utilizing their natural, physical, social, human, spiritual, financial, and institutional resources in enhancing their absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities in the management of conflicts and climate change disasters

Faith Community against drugs and substance abuse FACADA Project

The project intervention is aimed at building the capacity of faith leaders in prevention and management of drugs and substance abuse using their sphere of influence in Kwale County

Resilience Livelihood project

Resilience Livelihoods equips Nyakach and Soin communities with strategies of adapting to these difficult and challenging life experiences.

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