FPFK Church was established by Norwegian and Swedish missionaries in the 1950s and 60s respectively. The mission work of the Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya started in 1955. The Norwegian missionaries started work in Thessalia and spread to parts of Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley provinces, while the Swedish missionaries started work in parts of Central Rift Valley, Central Kenya, Nairobi and Southern Kenya. In the 1990s, FPFK started to nationalize the church through greater involvement of locals in the running of the church. The church became fully nationalised in 1997 with the election of a national board to spearhead the running of the church. Over the years, the FPFK has registered substantial growth in terms of systems development and increase of members. This growth in membership, development and other parameters.

FPFK operates on a three-tier structure i.e. national board, regional councils, and local councils. FPFK is headed by a National Board, which is the principal policy making body. The National Secretariat headed by the General Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the church. The General Secretary is also the secretary to the National Board. FPFK has regional councils who are responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of the churches in the 31 regions. FPFK’s operational structure is a great strength in project implementation except for the spiritual programs, which are not managed centrally.

FPFK Kindaruma Guest House (Nairobi)

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FPFK Headquarters; Kindaruma Road, Off Menelik Rd,P.O. Box 47469 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
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