Thematic Focus And Strategic Objectives

Thematic Focus And Strategic Objectives

FPFK subscribes to a holistic development of the person and community and in this vein, emphasis is on changing the mind and soul of people through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can affirm their dignity as God given and affirm a faith that enables them to see their lives from a hopeful and pro-active state rather than resigning to the vagaries of life. 

Capacity building and awareness creation at all levels is employed to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of products and services provided by FPFK personnel. This involve skills development and knowledge enhancement through trainings, workshops and seminars. Lobby and advocacy on various issues including fight against HIV and AIDS, retrogressive cultural practices like female circumcision, segregation of single men and ladies and wife inheritance will be done by FPFK in collaboration with various institutions including government and CSOs to ensure that laid down policies are implemented.

FPFK is putting a lot of emphasis on gender mainstreaming in order to deal with gender inequalities and inequities. The church established Christian community services to reach all with holistic development. Economic empowerment is another approach that FPFK  adopt under the social ministry. For instance, through micro-credit schemes, revamping institutions for income generation amongst people for improved livelihood. FPFK  strengthen its partnerships, collaborations and networks in addressing climate change effects.

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