FPFK Missions Department

Welcome to FPFK Missions Department


These are exciting days in the history of the church of Jesus Christ.  People are coming to Christ in record numbers around the globe.  Missiologist are amazed at the rapid advance of the gospel in places where the message of christ has never penetrated or is prolififerated where it was only scarcely know.  Clearly the wind of the holy spirit is sweeping our globe in an unprecedented manner.

The church of Christ must capitalize on these unprecedented opportunities to fulfil the command of Christ to take the gospel to every person. Against this background does FPFK mission department established to mobile train and to send missionaries to the unreached people groups also to empower our churches in area of mission work.

Catch the vision :

What We Do

  1. Mobilize
  2. Train
  3. Send  missionaries to the unreached people groups. 

What is Your Role

Once you have a good understanding of the ‘WHY Behind FPFK mission department.  We want to help you figure out the best way for you to get involved in mission among the unreached.

LEARN PRAY GO SEND WELCOME AND MOBILIZE. now that you have caught the vision and figure out your role in the great commission why don’t you consider joining us so that we can equip  you to make disciples of all nations. 


  • Missionary training
  • Internship
  • Shirt term trips and other exciting