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Men Fellowship Ministry

Philippians 4:13 will basically form our vision this year, with the hope in the ability of God to help in everything we do at both the local and regional level as Men. We will remain to be counted in the activities of our local churches and ensure we carry the visions of our pastors and general church leadership. We commit to humbly serve God.

Men Ministry


Men who are pillars in the church, shall form a Ministry that shall be at the forefront in supporting the local and branch church to fulfill it mission and vision of reaching the unreached with gospel. As the head of his family, just as Jesus is the head of the Church (Eph 5.23), each man shall be expected to provide leadership to his family by being a role model,  ensure family alter is maintained by his family and discipline is upheld by all. He encourages family members to regularly attend Church and support the Church Ministry in prayer, paying tithes and offerings as the Lord prospers them .

Purpose of National Fellowship

Time and again, Men Department intends to strengthen the church by coming together to plan and promote a strategy of Free Pentecostal Fellowship In Kenya and helping bring growth to the spiritual life of the entire Church and its Outreach ministry, to those lost in sin and the needy in our midst. By strengthening the fellowships in our local churches, unity of Men will then help them enjoy Christian service and the teachings of the word of God, thereby becoming more involved in God’s work in releasing our resources fully (Malachi 3: 6 – 12). Our main prayer is that in 2019, almost all the regions will have strong and purposeful men fellowships.

The following continues to guide all Men Nationally as we serve God in our respective local churches

1. Men Fellowship should be a blessing to our Homes

By praying for them and sharing God’s word.

2. Become a blessing to our local Churches

  • Specifically pray for our local churches and leaderships for needs.

  • Support our Churches by willingly paying our tithes and offerings
  • Work with our Evangelism teams to advance the Gospel.
  • Involve ourselves fully in Church projects and weekly activities
  • Be faithful and loyal to the Pastor and church leadership.

3. Become a blessing to our Pastor and families

  • Pray always for our Pastors and Church leaders.
  • Assist our Pastors in times of needs.
  • Organize days to visit our Pastors and their families and bless them.

4. Become a blessing to our Nation

  • Seriously pray for our nation.
  • Identify the needy in our Church

5. Dorcas Kitties

  • Identify a few needy widows to assist.
  • Identify a few needy and vulnerable families in our midst for assistance.

Message from Men Fellowship National Leader

I greet you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I thank God for keeping each of us Men, at the local, regional and national level and pursuing righteousness without which no one will see God.  We continue to believe that capacity to do anything as Men in our lives only comes from God and NOT ourselves (Deuteronomy 8:18). We keep on reminding ourselves that without God, we can achieve nothing totally!

National Status

Many of the regions now have very active men fellowships while others have not grown much in terms of games day, prayers or fellowships. 

National Leader , 

Pastor Francis Mutuku.


FPFK Kindaruma Guest House (Nairobi)

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Monday- Friday:8:00 AM-17:00 PM
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