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FPFK Kawangware Church Football Team

FPFK Kawangware shines in the Nairobi Region Men Fellowship Sports tournament

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By FPFK Media Team

FPFK Kawangware shined in the Nairobi Region Men Fellowship Sports tournament after emerging the winner in both football and volleyball games yesterday, held at FPFK Embakasi Church ‘s Uzima Grounds.

Kawangware beat FPFK Ongata Rongai by scoring 5-4 goals in penalties to win the game after nil draw during full time of 10 minutes each.

During the second semi finals, FPFK Ongata Rongai beat Embakasi 3-1 in penalties after drawing 1-1 during full time, thus settling for positions three and Embakasi four respectively.

In volleyball finals, FPFK Kawangware again beat FPFK Embakasi 2-0 to carry the trophy home as FPFK Gatwekera defeated FPFK Rongai 1-0, settling for position three and four in that order.

FFPFK Embakasi Church Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Solomon Mwalili greeting FPFK Waithaka Church football team before the start of the games

FPFK Embakasi Church football team

FPFK Kawangware Church team coach Adam Babu, attributed the good performance to team work and consistent training programme.

 “As FPFK Kawangware, we work as a team, we believe in victory and we train as a family united with codes of love,” he said.

Volleyball winners number one and two (Kawangware and Embakasi) were awarded trophies and not the football winners due fixture issues.

“We had expected eight teams(churches) but seven turned up, thus affecting arranging the pools, forcing some teams to play more games than others, which is not as per FIFA rules and thus saw it not fair to award the football winners with trophies,” said Lamuel Kituva, committee Coordinator.

The tournament, which was organised by Nairobi Region Men Fellowship  Committee brought together several teams(churches) including FPFK Embakasi Church(host) Eastleigh, Embakasi(host), Kawangware, Ongata Rongai, Eastleigh, Ngando, Dagoretti and Waithaka.

Called “Sports for Evangelism with Positive Masculinity”, the tournament was held at FPFK Embakasi Church Uzima Grounds and was sponsored by a non- governmental organization called Shofco.

During lunch break, Shofco team gave a talk to players and spectators on Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) among other issues affecting men today.

Also, during the tournament, FPFK Embakasi Church Evangelism Ministry reached out with the gospel to tournament attendees, where 12 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour according to Pastor Benjamin Kimuyu.


Shofco staff members during introduction and later giving a talk on positive masculinity

According to Nairobi Region Men Committee Chairperson George Okode, the region plans to have more of such events to preach the message of positive masculinity, enhance physically fitness, unite men in the region among other benefits.

“Indeed, sports is just among other events like meetings including retreats, keshas, that we plan to have going forward to address current issues affecting men and also build strong fellowship and physical fitness among ourselves,” said Okode.

He said they want to start with Nairobi first then move to other regions with the same idea of games and positive masculinity messages.

“We hope in future to be having such events in other regions annually so that other regions also become active.By having this event, am sure this is already a challenge to other regions,” he said.

Nairobi Region Men Fellowship Patron Pastor George Kerosi thanked the region committee for organising such event.

“I also encourage all men in the region that whenever such event is organised, come out in large numbers to participate so that we have a big attendance than today’s,” said Pastor Kerosi.