Pokot-Turkkana Peace and Livelihood project

Pokot-Turkkana Peace and Livelihood project


Pokot – Turkana Peace and Livelihood Project has been in implementation through the third phase, e with an extension phase running from June 2018 through May 2020. Prior to the project extension phase, the end of project implementation phase was conducted in January through April 2018. The project has further undergone several project management and implementation reforms through the year 2018 due to the challenges experienced during the third phase of project implementation.

Main Activities Undertaken in 2018

a.     Final Project Evaluation – January – April, 2018

During this period, the project focus was on finalizing the activities reports and conducting of the final project evaluation for the third phase of the project. From the evaluation, key issues were raised as relates to the project outcomes. Among the recommendations for the evaluation were that there is need to emphasize on closer follow ups with the beneficiaries by the project staff, the need to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation processes; the deepening of the rights based approaches to project implementation, and the need to strengthen the networks with the similar organizations working in the project field.

Caleb Khisa