Youth HIV AIDS Project

Youth HIV AIDS Project


The goal of this project is to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS by increasing the capacity of the communities to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the epidemic using their inherent human and social strengths.

Specific Objectives are:

Mobilise communities through SALT teams to change behaviour and attitudes that encourage spread of HIV and provide care between relatives or neighbours (for PLWHA & OVCs)

Achieve policy change and legal repeal so that the Human Rights of women and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS and the indigenous rights of the communities especially the Maasai are respected and upheld.

Ensure that the government keeps its national and international commitments concerning HIV/AIDS and exercises transparency and accountability in handling of funds for dealing with the pandemic as well as encourage the government to embrace Human Capacity Development Approach to HIV/AIDS response as opposed to service provision / top – down interventions response.

Improve the socio-economic and environmental welfare of the target communities by initiating environmentally sustainable income generating activities targeted at those affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and also the general public.

Promote learning through inter-group transfer of experiences gained during SALT activities and document replicable experiences from the participating communities

Project Steering Committee

The HIV & AIDS Project enjoys the support of a very committed Project Steering Committee with expertise in community work, development, and health issues. All the major decisions concerning project direction will be made by the project steering committee. The decision making process will be participatory and as inclusive.Members of the PSC