Strategic plan 2014-2021

The Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK) has registered substantial growth since its establishment in the 1950s and 60s in terms of systems development and membership growth. In addition, the church-operating environment is continuously changing. As the demographics of the church change, opening up new opportunities, it has also brought with it new challenges for the church ministry and programs. This calls for dynamic leadership and supportive policies. Adoption of ICT to enhance efficiency in service delivery and communications areamong the goals for the planning period. In order to achieve this, the church has adopted strategic planning as a way of streamlining its operations, and to deal with the emerging challenges in the social, economic and spiritual environment more effectively.

Hitherto 1997, FPFK strategic planning process was through the 10 years Country Programme Plans (CPP) implemented in partnerships with the Norwegian and Swedish missionaries. After 1997, the church has formulated two (2) previous strategic plans. The current next seven-year strategic plan (2014-21) was formulated in 2013, and was slated for midterm review in 2017