Peace and Stability Human Rights, Democratic Governance

Peace and Stability Human Rights, Democratic Governance


FPFK is implementing projects in on peacebuilding and conflict management in various parts of the country. Through the Peace and Rights programme, addressing root causes of violent conflicts in Mt Elgon and Muhoroni region.  programme is employs multiple approaches and strategies which include dialogues, mediations, Trainings, advocacy and networking to achieve her objectives; ensuring that Conflicts among groups and individuals are resolved amicably by identifying and ironing out the root causes of disagreements. As well, the programme works towards promoting the rights of women, the youth, children and indigenous peoples by building their capacity for self-advocacy, prejudice reduction and empowering target groups to participate in decision making at family, community and national levels.

The programme recently scaled up her peace efforts in Muhoroni cluster, the project seeks to address the root, proximate and trigger causes of regular inter – ethnic and violent conflicts in region. project seeks to address land and boundary conflicts; promote dialogue and prejudice reduction; increase citizen participation; conduct healing and reconciliation forums for victims and perpetrators to ensure that community is equipped with knowledge, skills and necessary structures established to undertake sustainable peace in Muhoroni cluster. The project directly engages women, youth as key rights holders and community elders, the government and politicians as key duty bearers in resolving conflicts. Different strategies are employed during the implementation of planned activities. They include; dialogue, workshops and seminars, TOT training, lobbying and advocacy. The overriding theory of the project is that; If there is deep reflection arising from true dialogue processes around conflict land and boundary issues, displacement, deep hatred; this process will lead to self-awareness on stereotyping, ethnic and political manipulations; futility of revenge; cost of conflict; then the realization that good interpersonal relationship and accountability is a choice by all actors.

Our achievements 

  1. Rehabilitation and reintegration of over 600 out of the possible 2000 ex-combatants with their wives and contributed to the restoration of mental health and economic status of over 170 widows associated with violent conflicts. These groups were facilitated to form social support groups in the form of CBOs to keep them together as they are empowered and now championing for peace and justice  
  2. The project further conducted intra and intercommunity peace dialogues that led to the signing of a peace social contract famously known as Mabanga Peace Agreement (MPA) in the presence of His Excellency the immediate former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka. The Agreement continues to guide the players including the government in managing conflicts in the region currently the progamme is engaged in an institutionalization process of the issues addressed iin the past peace pact.
  1. Successful Lobbying and advocacy for the recognition of the rights of the Ogiek indigenous community and the rest of the people in the area including local leaders and the government which has recognized the schools by registering them and posting teachers coupled with appointment of their members in senior government positions like County executive officers. The community’s infrastructure like roads have been fixed and threats of eviction from their ancestral land has stopped
  2. The project has established functioning Community structures for peace and dignity like religious networks, councils of elders, professional bodies and various lobby and advocacy groups. Some leaders in these structures are now national figures being invited in national forums to share experiences. 
  3. Installed and successfully managed the state of the art and unique Conflict Early warning and Early Response System that contributed to the prevention of violence before, during and after the general elections of 2013. The only general election held without violence in this part of the country and in the history of elections in Kenya.
  4. Formation of four committees in Muhoroni addressing the issues of Land and Boundaries, Displacement, Leadership and Governance and cattle theft. This has increase community ownership and participation

Through the Peace and Livelihooods project, FPFK is implementing peacebuilding and livelihood interventions in West Pokot and Turkana Counties. The project is reaching out to the morans and militia groups in the two counties. They are being offered alternative livelihoods such as irrigated farming for horticulture, breeding exotic goats for milk, milling, and transport business. 

FPFK has plans to expand to Isiolo, Samburu, Baringo and Marakwet areas.


  1. Support peace and transional justice through dialogues
  2. Rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-militia
  3. Build capacity ofcommunity for early warning and violence preventation
  4. Facilitatefomulation and implemention of policies on peace, land, and inclusion
  5. Networking and partnership
  6. Disarming ex-militia/armed communities 

Peace and Stability Human Rights, Democratic Governance Projects

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